Renewable sources of energy, especially solar power, are widely acknowledged to have great potential in Africa, but the industry is struggling to gain traction. Part of the difficulty is that we are unfamiliar with the industry. We built this platform to help people, consumers, and investors gain technical knowledge and understanding of renewable energy solutions.

Our Expertise

There’s a lot to discuss renewable energy, but we have to start somewhere. The technological articles are a fine place to begin, and we also hold daily webinars to address what is ideal for Africa as well as how the country can adapt to modern-day needs.

Together with our partner companies devoted to renewable energy research and projects, we conduct informational pursuits to promote awareness of Africa’s potential in renewable energy sources. Through this platform, we offer expert and technical advice on how current projects are done, and how we can start our attempts in sustainability – even in just our own homes.

We also engage with institutions and private sectors through the introduction of effective and efficient methods of manufacturing, production, and distribution that significantly reduces their carbon footprint. We can create such a platform through the collaborative effort of professionals knowledgeable in the field of sustainable energy.

What We Do

Under a tracker, we compile the most recent projects and programs.

We deliver custom market analysis.

We provide project interconnection and project implementation services and industry insights as a clean energy business.

We are also an African clean energy media outlet. We publish the most recent industry news as well as simple technical posts.

We offer a thorough review of the technological and financial areas of energy efficiency improvements. Finally, our website’s software discusses funding structures for energy conservation programs and recognizes cost-cutting opportunities in both the manufacturing and developed environments. Organizational dimensions are also discussed, such as electricity grids and energy audits.